Why do a course at Arena Animation Ahmedabad (C.G. Road) ?

Thousands of exciting jobs careers ahead!

You can make a career out of your interests or hobbies like sketching, painting, watching movies, or playing video games. You heard that right! Follow your heart!

Films, television channels, web design companies, ad agencies are all looking for people like you. With the right skills, you could work on movies like Baahubali, TV programs like Chota Bheem or mobile games like Pokemon Go*.

Animation movies are just a tiny part of what you as a creative professional can do!

The New Avenues Where Today Animators, Graphics & Vfx Artists Work, Include:

  • Ad production houses
  • Gaming companies
  • E-learning companies
  • E-commerce websites
  • Digital marketing companies
  • Print & publishing houses
  • Corporate organisations

Get Trained At Arena Animation Ahmedabad (C.G. Road) & Get Hired

Arena Animation Ahmedabad (C.G. Road) Centre is Gujarat’s 1st Animation Multimedia Institute which started in 1997.

Arena Animation Ahmedabad (C.G. Road) Centre have developed and maintained best technical team and are known for quality delivery for 25 years. Along with quality education institute provides a lot of value additions like industry visits, workshops & seminars by industry experts to make students industry ready.