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Arena Animation Ahmedabad (C.G. Road)

We are very pleased to introduce our Arena Animation Training Academy. We are a part of the Arena family since nearly the inception of Arena in Ahmedabad. In the year 1996, Arena Animation Ahmedabad (C.G. Road) centre was started and made a humble beginning with a vision to provide quality education and training in the filed of animation and graphics to the student.

Arena Animation Ahmedabad (C.G. Road) Training Academy that trains youth in animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Graphic Designing, Web Designing & Development, Multimedia, Broadcast, Digital Advertisement and Digital Marketing.

Arena Animation Ahmedabad (C.G. Road) faculties are trained and certified to teach the latest techniques in the animation industry. Students benefit from extensive classroom training & practice their skills in the lab. We seek and deliver solutions that are compatible with the objectives of Arena student’s incompatibility with the needs for sustainable development. Arena upholds and maintains the dignity, standing and reputation of the training industry through these measures.

We maintain knowledge and skills at levels consistent with development in technology, legislation and management and apply due skills and diligence in the services rendered to our clients and students.

Standards of excellence are deeply ingrained in our training process. Nothing is overlooked from training, placements, infrastructure, facilities, examinations, quality and more.

Arena Animation Ahmedabad (C.G. Road) organizes hundreds of workshops, student competitions & events which help students to meet & interact with industry professionals and get guidance from them. Studio visits and other activities are organized to ensure that students get required exposure and build job skills that will be useful in their career. Arena Animation is considered one of the best Arena Animation branche in Ahmedabad (C.G. Road) for Animation and VFX training.






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