Why Arena Animation

Arena Animation is one of India’s most experienced animation training & education providers. The Institute has trained more than 4,50,000 students in 20 countries around the world.

Since 1996, Arena Animation has focused on providing quality education in animation, VFX, gaming, web & graphics, broadcast, digital design & marketing, and multimedia. Arena students have got good job placements with major Indian & international studios.

Boring office jobs are not the right choice for creative people. Companies are willing to pay a good salary to great designers/ animators/ artists.

Which is why, working in animation or VFX or gaming or web designing can open exciting career paths for you, in India as well as around the world. In India alone, the animation, VFX industry will be worth ₹11360 crores by 2020. At the same time, the market outside India is much bigger Indian companies work on outsourced international animation projects as well.

Source: KPMG India-FICCI, Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report

Animation & VFX are used widely in many areas like TV, films, ads, medicine, training, education, e-learning, legal, insurance, 3D visualization, architecture, etc. Another interesting area in this industry is the creation design of games for PC, Internet, mobile, gaming consoles (PlayStation/ Xbox).

Because the industry is growing so fast, there is a constant demand for skilled professionals from both, Indian studios as well as for internationally outsourced projects.

You can even do these courses along with attending college or a job and start earning.


Arena Animation Prime

Animation Prime is a comprehensive training program in the fundamentals and techniques of animation that provides a comprehensive understanding of the latest software and tools used in the process of animation in the industry. The program readies the students for an animation career where they can set their imagination free.

Arena VFX Prime

VFX Prime is a comprehensive program that trains students end-to-end in all aspects of visual effects to make them job-ready VFX professional.

It gives a thorough grounding in all the fundamentals & techniques of VFX, Animation -2D and 3D, typography, digital filmmaking, FX, Dynamics simulation and also trains on the latest technologies and tools used in the Visual Effects industry.

Arena GWDD (Graphic, Web & Development)

The GWDD program offers training in the tools and techniques endorsed by the industry making the students proficient for a career in the digital industry.

This program trains you in all aspects of Graphic Design, Web Design as well as Development. Arena Animation also offers programs focused on Web Design and Print & Publishing.

Arena Animation offers quick, short-term courses to students & working professionals who wish to sharpen their skills in one or more tools or software. Learn software used in animation, multimedia, gaming, web designing and more.

Study With Arena Animation

Arena Animation imparts quality education in animation, VFX, web & graphics, broadcast, digital design marketing, and multimedia. These trained professionals find job placements in major studios across India overseas. Here is how Arena ensures high standards:

Access to Creosouls: Share your creative portfolio with the world, get feedback from experts, find job opportunities and get hired.

Learning on the move with an exclusive app:E-books, study material and video tutorials, all available on Onlinevarsity.

Multiple Course Options: Variety of career, short-term courses tailored to the needs of students working professionals.

Quality Faculty: Trained & certified faculty who teach the latest techniques in the animation industry, using the most cutting-edge software. Thanks to such training, Arena students create award-winning, quality animation films.

Job-ready Students:Workshops and events such as Creative Minds & Perspectives, as well as studio visits, are organized to encourage student-industry interaction and prepare Students to be industry-ready.

Placement Activities: Job fairs, campus placement drives, etc. are conducted for students to get a suitable job placement in the industry.